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Downstairs Bathroom Renovation

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Since we removed the floors downstairs, and we wanted them to match, it meant we had to remove the flooring in the bathroom which also meant essentially demoing the whole bathroom, because...why not? It isn't like we had enough going on.

Bathroom Before

First things first, we pulled out the 32 year old beige toilet and the builders grade vanity. We replaced the floors the way we did the rest of the downstairs. Small spaces definitely make floor installation challenging. However, once they were replaced that's when all the design decisions happened.

Bathroom With Floors Replaced

We chose a classic Kohler toilet from Home Depot. The vanity was a bit harder, but we ended up with a vanity from Lowes with a vessel sink. The only challenge with installation of these pieces was the plumbing. After a few trips to Home Depot, we found the right plumbing. We needed to put in a loop for the drain which we ended up finding at the local hardware store. Brian and I ended up spending about thirty minutes in the aisle constructing what we thought would work with the drain and with the help of the sales associate we finally got it right! We completed the installation.

We kept the original light fixture, and we ended up choosing some antique bronze fixtures which we got from Home Depot. With a final touch from my mother-in-law who gave us a mirror she had painted a few years back, the bathroom turned out beautifully!

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