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Firebox Refresh

Three years of owning our house, and the firebox in our fireplace needed a refresh.

The inside of the fireplace over the years has gotten worn away. Brian fixed the mortar, but this left discoloration inside the firebox, so I figured, why not try to make this look a bit nicer? I'd seen some pictures online of black fireboxes, so I thought I'd give it a try.

First, Brian dry brushed the inside of the fireplace. Then, I added Vinegar and Water to brush down the inside of the firebox. This worked pretty well. Finally, I scrubbed it down with water and let the brick dry for 24 hours.

I then used frog tape and a tarp to mark off the fireplace to prevent any paint from spilling. This also ensures a straight even line of paint when it's removed. Then I started painting with a roller and a paintbrush to get into the corners.

Things to note: you want to use a roller that is for rough surfaces to ensure maximum coverage and also a high temperature paint.

15 minutes later and a second coat, and this project was done!

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