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Guest Bathroom

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

They say that one of the biggest changes you can make to a house is a bathroom. Up until we did ours, I guess I was living in ignorant bliss or just moderate disdain for our bathrooms. Original to the house circa 1985, our guest bathroom was pretty awful. Mauve tile with accents of beige. Built in toilet roll holders, rusted mirrors, and a vanity whose water pressure needed help with a broken drain. But hey, it's the guest bathroom, so who cares right? Well, I did. It was embarrassing. No matter how much I scrubbed or tried to make things look clean, the beige tub and cracked tile left much to be desired. After a year and a half of hemming and hawing over what to do, we finally decided to bring in the professionals. Don't worry, we kept our DIY spin on things and found some great deals in the process.

This is what our guest bathroom looked like when we started out.

As you can see, our guest bathroom left much to be desired. We knew the layout was fine, even if it wasn't the largest bathroom, but we wanted things to look fresh, updated, and with a farmhouse feel.

First we started with the demo:

We purchases some masks as we were afraid of what we might find behind the wall aka mold. We also bought some tile chisels.

Demo day!

Turns out, we didn't have any mold, but I did find an authentic silver iodine filter original to the house in our vanity. I'm pretty sure this is why our water pressure was so low.

From there, the professionals came in and helped us out. From a combination of purchases from, local tile stores, Kirkland's, and Costco, we were able to complete our bathroom. It took them a few weeks (only because we ordered a custom vanity), but the results are perfect. We chose an elongated white subway tile for the shower/tub combo with a gray grout, a white soaking tub, kohler toilet, mixed brown herringbone wood-like tile floor, and a white shaker vanity with industrial finishes.

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