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Home Office

If you had told either of us that we would ever be able to work from home, we'd have laughed, but yet, COVID happened and all of the sudden we found ourselves needing a home office.

We have always had a room off our living room that we didn't know what to do with. It used to have the TV, and then it had a treadmill, but nothing seemed to make sense. So one day, Brian and I were talking about that room and we decided to do some built-ins similar to the office. This seemed like a great idea except we didn't know what do with the space. For years, I have been pinning pictures of beautiful offices, and we decided that there is no harm in having more storage in our house, so we decided to buy some more built-ins with some bookshelves and try to make a home office.

When we moved into the house, this is what the room looked like.

Early on, we replaced the floors and painted to make it a sitting room which mainly looked like this for a few years with some art on the walls. Essentially, this room was okay. It wasn't bad by any means, but it needed something to make it have purpose.

We ordered Havsta cabinets from Ikea again, and this time, we actually prepped the room ahead of time by removing the molding and patching the wall in preparation. Brian spent an entire day assembling all of these cabinets.

One of the things we did expect was that the bookshelf didn't have a back on it. So we had two options: The first was to paint the wall the same white to make it look built in and the other was to add a backing to the cabinet and paint that. Brian ended up cutting down some MDF and painting it to attach to the back of the cabinets.

We then started putting things in place which meant we realized just how few books we owned, we needed to add additional molding to make the built-ins look truly built in, and we needed to decorate.

After finishing up with a new rug, a new desk, and some creative decorating on our shelves, the home office was successfully completed...well at least until we get the rest of the furniture. A seat area for this room is coming soon!

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