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When we bought our house, our landscaping was simply day-lilies, planted in a haphazard layout. While I love lilies, it simply looked like weeds in our front yard, and I really didn't want that.

Our sad little garden

Fortunately, my mother-in-law is amazing at landscaping, and she helped us out. Anyone who knows her knows that she has a gift with the garden, among many other things, and she proved that with our house! Given that my favorite color is pink, she helped to pick out landscaping that would cater to this color while provide some neutral as well. This is what we ended up with!

She advised that we plant in three rows given the depth of our garden. The front has pink flocks and around the outside there are dark pink azaleas. In the back we have a Sweet Bay Magnolia tree which has already grown so much in the last week and hollies. These plants have done extremely well and look beautiful especially in the spring and summer months.

Unfortunately, the one challenge we have faced is that where we live there are hot summers and cold winters. Last winter was especially cold. Unfortunately, the combination of these two things meant the gardenias and some of the other plants did not make it. This year, I chose some heartier plants to replace them. This included lavender and hydrangeas which seemed to do very well this summer. We will see how they fare through the winter, but I am hopeful it will go well!

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