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Master Bathroom Renovation

Have you ever taken a shower and felt dirty afterwards? It's that idea that no matter how many times you scrub down the shower or wash the floors, nothing you will ever do will . make the bathroom clean. When we bought our house, we tried everything. We removed the shower doors, recaulked, scrubbed the grout, and I even found a temporary solution for our countertops to changed them from a horrible beige to white. At the time, I thought this was pretty brilliant and for about a year we let it be.

One day, I came home from work to find that some nail polish remover had ended up on my perfectly spray painted counters and low and behold, the paint started peeling. So we made a plan. Here are some photos of our bathroom before the demo:

Our Original Shower

Our Original Vanity

So with that, we decided that enough was enough. We started demoing our bathroom. The demo was fairly easy considering this was yet ANOTHEr room we completely destroyed and rebuilt. We did have some help this time as we hired a local bathroom company to help us out!

We started with the shower which was the easiest thing to remove, took out the toilet, and the linen closet.

Our Shower Demo

Then we moved on to the floors which ended up being the easiest part as it came out in sections and we finally had enough room to pull it up in large pieces.

Tile floorings being removed

And then came the decisions. What paint color do we pick? Marble or tile? What type of shower do we want? We ended up taking down a wall, moving plumbing, installing heated floors, and moving electrical and yes...this did take A LONG time. A few months in fact. Fortunately, we had our pretty new guest bathroom to use, but the end result was worth it!

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