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Stair Remodel - Part 1 - Painting Stairs

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

As with so many colonial homes, our house entryway when we moved in had a closet and a staircase. I'll be honest, the stairs didn't even bother me. Of all the things in our house to renovate, this seemed like the last project that we would ever do. The thing is, when you stare at something for long enough, you start realizing that even if you are okay with something, there still is much to be improved. Hopefully the photos below show you what I mean.

We had a beige carpet with a standard railing. As with so many projects this one evolved over time.

So what did we do? Well after we returned from our honeymoon we started working on the stairs which meant we pulled out the carpet. This process was pretty easy given all the other projects we had done. All we needed was a box cutter and a pair of needle nose pliers. Honestly, one we pulled out the carpet, we weren't sure what to expect.

Unfortunately, once we pulled out the carpet, we realized that the glue that was remaining on the stair toppers wasn't going to come off, so we did the next best thing: we painted the stairs to match the entryway seating area.

We figured this would last a few years, and it did. Two years actually, but when COVID started, we realized now was the time to finish this project. We painted the railing to see if that would help.

While it certainly looked a bit better, we realized that we could make the stairs look even better...

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