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Stair Remodel - Part 2 - Board and Batten

After a lot of Pinterest searching, one I decided that one of the ways to make the stairs look a little brighter, was by adding white board and batten to the stairwell. Given that we had just done this in our bedroom, this was actually must more simple than I thought it would be.

This started by removing the molding on the side of the stairs which previously had been caulked into place by the previous home owners. We replaced this with a primed 1x4.

We then determined the height that we wanted the top of the board and batten to be. and measure in a few places to ensure it was parallel to the bottom board.

Once this was done, we repeated the process on the other side of the stair and enclosed the space by adding boards on the end.

I then painted the inside of that space white and added wood filler to the nail holes and the edges to make this look seamless.

From there, we added the verticals which was a bit of a challenge as we wanted both sides of the stairs to have verticals are the same location. So after some math, we were able to mark these out on the wall and use the nail gun to put the rest of the verticals in place.

I did the same process where I filled in any holes and touched up the paint.

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