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Stair Remodel - Part 3 - The Railing

Picking up from where we left off: we had painted the stairs and the railing in the hopes that this would make our entryway look a bit more finished.

It looked better of course, but it still wasn't what we were going for.

From here, we decided we should replace the railing. To go along with the style of our house, we ended up looking for something with wood and metal, and found a company called View Rail. Their railings were exactly what we were looking for, and wow, was their customer service amazing. As a company that is based in the United States, especially during a pandemic where things were shutdown, we wanted to spend our money domestically to help support small businesses.

Their customer service was impeccable, and they easily walked Brian through the process of measuring and calculating the angles on the stairs. This was important because the railing was custom made for our stairs. When it arrived, it was delivered right to the house, and we decided to get to work.

The installation was pretty easy. We were able to install the supports to a new board, and we got to work.

To set it up, we used an angle grinder to cut off the metal poles to be the correct length. Brian also cut the railing at an angle at one end so that it met flush against the wall.

Once all of the metal poles were cut, the installation process was actually really easy.

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