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Taking Down Trees

Updated: May 22, 2020

They say you should hire professionals to take down trees, and that might be true. Don't worry, we have hired the professionals for the large trees around our house, but sometimes, Brian and I get a little too adventurous. There were three trees in front our house that obstructed the view of our home. Brian wanted to take them down, but I was a little nervous given how close they were to the house.

Brian did a little research and figured out that if he cut a small wedge into the tree, he would be able to make it fall in the right direction. So in theory, this was supposed to work, but yet here we are, 10 minutes before the school bus arrives in our neighborhood which stops right next to our house, with a chainsaw stuck in a tree after a wind came in.

Chainsaw in a Tree

What I forget to tell you is that this was the last of three trees Brian felled that day. Don't worry, Brian got the chainsaw out without too much drama. A neighbor took pity on us and brought his chainsaw to help! Thank goodness for warm spring days and a neighborhood that people walk around.

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